Professor David Toop - Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation at University of the Arts London - invites singers to blur the line between performance and conversation. Exploring vocal performance of all forms, whether the voice is instrument or narrator he will ask where the voice comes from within the body, thought, language and ancestry, and where it fits in a n ecology of cultural and biological communications.

What's the relationship between your singing voice and your speaking voice? Where are the boundaries, if any, between singing and powerful emotional sounds? Without any technology other than the body, the improvising singer is vulnerable - so who owns the stage and how? Responses may come as speech or through singing.

Performers: Sharon Gal,  Aminah Ibrahim,  Rahel Kraft,

Lore LixenbergElaine Mitchener,  Tu Pham,  Keiko Yamamoto



Wellcome Collection

London, UK

May 2016